MY COMMITMENT To our community

My actions in council will:

  • Engaging with you and community members to represent your voice and interests. It will be a privilege to be your voice on council.

  • Ongoing communications with community leagues and it’s members will be something you can expect from me.

  • As a person that has been engaged in team-building throughout my career, I intend to rely on teams and individuals that have the know-how on emerging issues to inform evidence-based decisions  

  • Having worked with the military, NGOs and civilian groups, I understand the importance of communication. I will communicate to you progress on issues

  • Information sharing is key to building trust -  I will share information on how I vote and why 

economic recovery and diversification

I love this city. Edmonton has so much to offer, so many strengths to help us grow. With a focused approach and smart decision making we can continue to grow our economy, create jobs, and keep the cost of living in Edmonton affordable.

  • As part of our post COVID recovery we make a serious commitment to attract businesses back to our core. Making leasing affordable through incentives, tax breaks, improving the surrounding environment, and creative opportunities such as shared work spaces, will allow businesses to consider moving to downtown.  

  • In Edmonton we are rich in energy sources: Blue hydrogen, Geothermal energy, Lithium (expected to increase in demand by 600% world-wide by 2025),wind  and solar generated energy.  We must focus on ways to take full economic advantage of these opportunities and form alliances with our educational institutions to help train future employees in these growing markets. As a city we can provide the province with the knowhow to lead the way in these sectors. 

  • Now more than ever, a big part of our post-COVID recovery should be focusing on creating opportunities for our local businesses and workers. We need to promote local apprenticeship opportunities instead of outsourcing them to international companies. Community Benefit Agreements (CBA) and local procurement must be given priority. We should benefit locally by both the process and the outcome of these projects.

  • As a part of post-COVID recovery, we will need to help our small businesses, entrepreneurs and contractors;  make the process of applying for funding and permits simple, smart and efficient.

Housing & inclusivity

I have experienced food insecurity and struggled to pay rent. I have seen civil atrocities first hand. Those experiences have helped shape my values.  


How we take care of those less fortunate shows our values as Edmontonians and impacts our businesses and communities. In the post-pandemic period it is even more important that we help each other as we work to recover. 

  • Tackling homelessness will be a priority. Providing for basic needs is essential. Simultaneously, we need to seek more permanent solutions. We must be  open to innovative ideas to provide safe spaces for our homeless, including those affected by addiction and mental health related issues, and create a safe, thriving downtown.  We must make permitting for affordable housing  streamlined to make the processes of constructing faster and more efficient. This will attract more families to the city center, and allow for greater investment in communities and businesses throughout Edmonton.

  • Supportive housing is critical for those struggling with mental health and addiction issues. Facilities will and should have wrap around services that allow for treatment options and community building. I work to engage provincial and federal governments in helping us find creative innovations happen.

Art & Culture

A vibrant downtown needs to be a living, breathing organism that is anchored with business, residential, and arts & culture.


We have a unique downtown with pure residential areas along with a business sector that sees high rises and streets that thrive due to small businesses, theaters and restaurants. All of these elements make our downtown an ideal place to live, work, socialize and make our neighborhoods family friendly. It will be my commitment to keep this symbiosis working.


Economic growth happens in step with a city rich in arts, culture, events and entertainment. These elements sustain and attract businesses, and promote well-being. A vibrant after hour scene will provide residents with a place to thrive in their relaxation time, increase foot traffic and a safe environment for Edmontonians to walk and enjoy.

river valley & the environment

Did you know our river valley the North Saskatchewan River is, at 18,000 acres, North America’s largest continuous urban green space?  We must ensure that we preserve and act as stewards of this natural asset that connects our neighbourhoods and provides for our physical and emotional well-being, and that makes Edmonton a special and unique city.

  • I know that we can lead the way in sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources to grow a thriving economy along with a thriving natural environment.

  • Protecting and enhancing the river valley’s primary essence as a wildlife corridor and as a lifeline in times of climate change and biodiversity loss is key. All decisions with regards to developing our river valley need to be studied to ensure we are not harming this unique natural resource. 

  • Strengthening bylaw 7188 (North Saskatchewan River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan) , and giving priority to the office of biodiversity will give us the ability to make well informed decisions when it comes to approving projects that might affect the river valley and its biodiversity.

  • Decisions must be made with best evidence, bench marks. and cumulative impacts in mind. The city has done important eco-sensitivity mapping. Good plans are in place but we nust ensure the administration continues to implement that vision.  

community well-being & safety

I have lived in our city’s core for over 15 years and I have seen some great work done by our community organizations and leaders. It is important to provide resources to our communities so they can appropriately deal with some of the social issues pertaining to our downtown core. 

  • Every community needs a gathering point. An anchor that allows people the opportunity to meet. Community coffee shops, shared gardens, playgrounds and rinks are just some examples of how communities have created space for Edmontonians to expand their neighborhood family. Supporting these important community facilities will be a priority for me.

  • Critical neighborhood infrastructure is my mandate. “Neighbouring” as supported by leagues leads to healthier, safer, and more sustainable communities. 

  • Small businesses provide a rich environment to bring people closer to each other and provide local jobs. By promoting and supporting small community businesses, we build safe and livable neighborhoods. 

  • Every individual has the right to feel safe in their community. Together we can develop and implement practical solutions, such as well- lit streets and bus shelters, as well as many other creative initiatives. 

inclusivity & diversity

Although there are good policies in place and an ongoing effort in building bridges between our diverse communities: 

  • It is imperative that we continue building trust between diverse communities and the police force. We can only improve if we allow room for us to hear each other and create proactive solutions. 

  • Anti-racist and anti-discrimination policies should be part of the City values and each of its branches. If these values are written in the very core of the city mission then every policy and initiative established should be created with that lens. We must be pro-active rather than re-active in being anti-racist.

  • Equal opportunity and access to basic needs regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age is central to my values.